Yeap, that’s right, Jolien and I are looking to buy a house!

In Almere, because of her job. But… somehow every nice place we see gets bought right before we want to have a look at it. Really annoying. We’ll get there!



New job!

For the past 7 years I have been working at my current employer, Unet. Last year, the company was bought by one of our competitors, Eurofiber. Eurofiber is one of the major fiber companies in the Netherlands, Unet was a small fry compared to them. Unet still exists as a separate company and brand, but our fiber network is a part of the Eurofiber network now. So, it kind of made sense that the two people at Unet who work exclusively with the fiber network moved to Eurofiber.

Which is exactly what is going to happen now. Starting February 1st, I will me a Eurofiber employee. I will be starting there as a Network Designer, which means, I will be doing only a small part of the job I had at Unet. But, the current workload is just… impossible. That will change too, and I cannot even say how happy I am with that. Whether or not I will like the job or not, not being under that much stress will be great!

But, this all means there will be plenty of changes for me. For starters, I will be driving back and forth to Maarssen daily, instead of the other side of Almere. Not ideal, but I can live with that. Financially, well, let me just say, it is not a bad move for me. At all.

And there’s other changes: my current Internet connection is supplied by my employer. That will have to change, so, bye-bye Unet, hello different FTTH provider. Yes, that also means this website (and my other websites) will be offline during a transition that will definitely come. And my phone! My currently company-supplied iPhone will be gone and I already got me a HTC One (M8). Amazing device, but a bit bigger than expected… Most of you should already have my new number anyway.

So, plenty of changes in the immediate future! Let us hope they are all for the better!

Living together

So, basically my life got flipped, turned upside down, the last couple of weeks.

Not exactly as planned, but my girlfriend moved in with me! Yeah baby! 😉 So, the past 2 weeks my flat has been packed with stacks of boxes. The stacks have been getting smaller and smaller every day, thank god!

It still needs a lot of getting used to, but… I love it. I love her. Yeap, we made a good call 🙂

What to do…?

Hmm, dead blog is dead, but hey, at least now there’s something new and probably totally not interesting again 😉

Anyway, I really need to update this server. However, that will most likely mean a whole reinstall. Which is, obviously, a lot of work.

I am, however, also looking into finding a new VPS provider. This current one is rather expensive compared to others. They have more complex and more expensive systems, which should make everything more reliable, however, they’ve already had 2 major malfunctions in the past 2 weeks. Powerloss. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of paying a bit more.

So, probably, I’ll be moving the whole server soon. If I have to reinstall anyway, I might as well combine the two, right? There’ll be some downtime, DNS changes, etc, but hey, it’ll save me money. And, for less money, I’ll have a VPS with considerably more RAM, diskspace and traffic…