I suck at them 😉 Always think I’ve got nothing to say. Still do, actually.

Anyhow. Lately I’ve not been so hooked on WoW. Instead I’ve developed an anime addiction. Watching lots of new series. Gotta love it 😉

Bought a new TV a while back. They had this discount thing at Mediamarkt, and my TV was having serious picture problems, a green area, quite annoying. So, even though I was facing some problems at work, I went to see if I could find something reasonably cheap. And I did! Got to choose between a LG screen and a Philips. The Philips screen was a little bit more expensive, but muuuuch better. About the cheapest LCD TV Philips sells, the 32PFL5322, a 32″ LCD screen. It’s not Full HD, “only” HD Ready, but that’s good enough for me. 720p HD video still looks amazing.

Next: work. Been working at Unet BV for a while now. But, the end of my contract is getting near and I was told there would be no more work for me. Shame, I really like it here. had a job interview somewhere, but they didn’t follow up after that, so that’s a no, I guess. But, few weeks ago, my boss told me they might start up the videoconferencing thing I’ve done when I started at Unet again. If I was interesting in the job…. Sure! But… only if they can give me some certainties soon. Don’t want to end up on the street without a job cause they keep me waiting and everything bounces in the end. Well, they understood, so… I should get my answer today. I have heard some unofficial news, but that’s just that: unofficial. I want to hear it for real dammit!

But, if they do offer me a new contract, I’ll be searching for a new house soon. Want out of the place I live in now. Sick of the sharing, when I end up being the only one who cleans anything. Just want my own place, without having to worry who I might walk into when I get out of the shower, for example. And, if I get a new contract, it’ll be driving lessons asap! I want that license! (But… I don’t wanna learn… as always ;))

Oh, and I got myself a new phone! An MDA Touch, from T-Mobile.

Had plenty of issues with the damn thing. First, I update the firmware to a custom one. Can’t go wrong! Well, apparently my phone had some bug, and it went wrong. Usually I would have lost my warranty, but still they fixed it without me having to pay for it. But, they screwed up. I got back an old model of the Touch. So, back for repairs again. They gave me a brand new one. haven’t updated my firmware to a custom one again though 😉 Did customize it myself, but nothing that can’t be removed!

Well, that’s about it for today.

No, wait! I’ve added OpenID stuff. Which means, you can enter your OpenID url when commenting, so I know that you are who you say you are. Which means, you can just enter your LiveJournal address, for example, and LJ will tell me that you’re really you. You can check here what other services can be used for OpenID.

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  1. Lijkt maar zo 😉 Maar nu maar even een theme gepakt die ook data en aantal comments enzo erbij zet…

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