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Housing problems, the sequel

Yay. Imagine that, me having housing issues. I seriously hoped it would end with last years troubles, but no… we’re at it again. Haven’t even lived in my current place for a year.

Last time it was simple: I was living in student housing and I wasn’t a student anymore. Problem was, they only gave me a month to move out. This time, the story is far more complex.

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I’m no fan…

…but that John Lennon guy wasn’t stupid.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

It’s true. Plain and simple.

Oh, and this Charlie Brown quote made me laugh:

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”

A crazy little thing called life…

Life. Must be one of the strangest and most unpredictable things ever.

Even when life is the most boring and mindnumbing thing you can imagine, the same routine every single day… something will pop up and bite you in the a… errr, your behind. The same thing over and over, work, eat, sleep, 5 times in a row, 2 days of nothing at all and then the whole thing starts over. But all of a sudden, something that doesn’t quite fit happens. Or something that just isn’t supposed to happen at all.

But not for me. Nothing ever really happens. Work, 8 hours, day in, day out. Busride. Watching series, movies, or what not. Sitting in front of my PC, doing nothing really. Dinner. Sleeping. Breakfast. Busride. Etcetera. Ok, so there’s the occasional birthday, drinks with friends, but nothing really happens.

Or so I thought.

But no, even for me unexpected things happen. The past comes back to haunt me. A past I thought I would never hear from again. A past I was glad to have escaped from. But now, that past wants to become the present again. The future even. Why?! I just want closure… The most uncertain future I’ve ever had has finally become the past, I just want a lid on it and have it buried.

Oh, right. There’s also the ever-continuing soap around my livingspace. After me having to find a new place withing a month, it now turns out I rent my room illegally. Everything is fine, all the rules and laws are followed, except for 1 tiny thing: it’s not in the zoning (or so Google translates “bestemmingsplan”) of the city I live in. That’s being changed, but till then… I’ve got to go. To be continued… but it is some kind of “excitement” I guess…


Amazing how much spam I get on a blog that barely anyone reads… I mean, what’s the point? Too bad the spam filter doesn’t consider some people’s spam to be spam. Too bad, I do.

More pics!

Whipped out my old camera and took some… less terrible pictures of my new place. Now it’ll just be a hell of a time adding the pictures to this post, since my UMTS stick thingy tends to use some sort of proxy to lower the image quality to speed things up. *Not* very handy when copying URL’s of images.

Oh, by the way, visiting hours are pretty much every afternoon on weekdays, or weekends. Please do make an appointment 😛 And anyone who still has my old address, speak up, I’ll give the new one. And anyone who doesn’t have the old one but wants the new one… ask and I might consider giving it 😉

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Here goes nothing…