A little update…

Development is slow. I know. But, it’s there.

The project has been a bit dead for a while. Little inspiration and the bit I had, I couldn’t put into code. I’m still having a few coding problems, not really sure how to set some things up, organization wise. I’m trying to make the code simple and understandable, cause, well… what I’m doing isn’t that difficult. I could just put everything in a different file, like it’s now, that would be easiest, but that would also make a mess out of the codebase. So, it’s organized a bit.

Got the modules setup pretty much complete. It’s very basic, but it works. Maybe, someday, if I need a more sophisticated approach, I’ll turn it around, but for now this will do.

Did some basic template work, just to get a bit familiar with Smarty. Well, Smarty isn’t the problem, my skills with div’s and CSS is. Columned layouts without tables just isn’t my forte. But I’ll get there, maybe I’ll get some help someday.

Basic profile functionality is up. Not all information is on it and theming options are missing, but the basic info, the profile and the messages are there. I also started working on basic blogging functionality. Journal posts and comments. And a little “previous posts” list. And I started working on a “my.thats-me.nl”, for profile administration. Everything editable about your own profile, will go in the “my” space.

But, like I said, it’s slow. I really would prefer an extra developer. Someone with a bit more skills than me 😉 So, if you’re interested, drop me a line. I’m looking for some “CSS guru’s” too, actually, but that’s for a later stage. Be aware… That’s Me is a pretty bad employer: I don’t pay 😉 So, it’s all for the community. Eternal fame is all I offer 😛

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