The new room: pictures!

Well, only a few low quality pictures, since I’m on my phone’s gprs connection….

This is the entrance to my room. My desk on the left, a closet and a panel to the right, to shield off my bed.

My bed, and a few boxes. Boxes aren’t there anymore 😉 And there’s a poster of Bumblebee on the wall on the side of my bed. Yeah, from Transformers, so sue me 😉

This is taken from in front of the entrance. There’s 2 arches, one is blocked by a few closets, also to shield off my “bedroom”. The arch on the right gives entrance to the serre, which is my livingroom. There’s a double sliding door to the garden, on the right there’s a little corner of my desk, and behind the plant in the arch is my TV cabinet (or whatever it’s called in English :P) Oh and the little on behind that is a cover for the heater, there’s 3 in my room. 2 in the serre with shelves, 1 behind my desk without shelves.

From inside the archway. My couch, my rabbit and a new coffee table and small armchair. Yay IKEA! By the way, the window behind the rabbit is in fact a second sliding door.

This is made from my couch. Don’t think there’s any explanation needed… 😉

And this last one was made just now, from behind my desk. My livingroom is a serre, so the roof is glass. There’s an automatic cover, but… it also automatically opens again when it thinks there’s too much wind. Handy huh? Yeah. Especially awesome when you’re watching TV and suddenly it’s in full sunlight. And a serre tends to get pretty warm in the sun… without such a cover.

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