As if it’s not enough already…

My bunny just died. In my hands. She hadn’t been eating much last couple of days, but we thought it was the change of scenery and the dogs and those kind of things. Turns a lot of dropping were stuck on her behind, she’s had some diarrhea last week. So, I tried to clean it up. With my mom was there, we were going to try to wash it off. But it was stuck so bad, I had to try and pull it off.

She was acting funny, we thought she was scared and had trouble with the slippery floors. We were wrong. Se was dying, right there, in my hands. She lay down funny, shocked a bit… and she was gone.

Even though she was a bunny, a little, headstrong bunny… she has always been there for 5 years. Every day. And silly as she was, she always made me laugh. She did the weirdest things. And now, she’ll never do anything again.

Seriously… why? My life is a mess and there’s nothing I can do about it. My housing problems just won’t go away, even after I’ve moved…and now Fiepje dies. Why?!

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