What to do…?

Hmm, dead blog is dead, but hey, at least now there’s something new and probably totally not interesting again 😉

Anyway, I really need to update this server. However, that will most likely mean a whole reinstall. Which is, obviously, a lot of work.

I am, however, also looking into finding a new VPS provider. This current one is rather expensive compared to others. They have more complex and more expensive systems, which should make everything more reliable, however, they’ve already had 2 major malfunctions in the past 2 weeks. Powerloss. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of paying a bit more.

So, probably, I’ll be moving the whole server soon. If I have to reinstall anyway, I might as well combine the two, right? There’ll be some downtime, DNS changes, etc, but hey, it’ll save me money. And, for less money, I’ll have a VPS with considerably more RAM, diskspace and traffic…

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