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Living together

So, basically my life got flipped, turned upside down, the last couple of weeks.

Not exactly as planned, but my girlfriend moved in with me! Yeah baby! 😉 So, the past 2 weeks my flat has been packed with stacks of boxes. The stacks have been getting smaller and smaller every day, thank god!

It still needs a lot of getting used to, but… I love it. I love her. Yeap, we made a good call 🙂

What to do…?

Hmm, dead blog is dead, but hey, at least now there’s something new and probably totally not interesting again 😉

Anyway, I really need to update this server. However, that will most likely mean a whole reinstall. Which is, obviously, a lot of work.

I am, however, also looking into finding a new VPS provider. This current one is rather expensive compared to others. They have more complex and more expensive systems, which should make everything more reliable, however, they’ve already had 2 major malfunctions in the past 2 weeks. Powerloss. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of paying a bit more.

So, probably, I’ll be moving the whole server soon. If I have to reinstall anyway, I might as well combine the two, right? There’ll be some downtime, DNS changes, etc, but hey, it’ll save me money. And, for less money, I’ll have a VPS with considerably more RAM, diskspace and traffic…

Quite the week…

So. Some week it was.

Last thursday, I noticed one of the legs of my glasses were, well… nearly broken. The metal felt like it was made of solder. Could be bended easily. Obvious sign of fatigue. Later that morning it became even worse. So, after lunch, on my way to the opticien. I was right: fatigue. So, my eyes were measured, since the glasses were kinda old already. Ordered new glasses… 210 euros. Damn. That’s with discount! asn’t even out of the store or the leg of my glasses broke. Luckily I still have an old pair of glasses, so at least I can still see. But 2010 euros, I needed that money!

And how long does it take to get a pair of new glasses? 3 weeks! The glass factory is having some troubles… dammit.

Later that afternoon, after firing up the BBQ… I burnt my finger. Great day! Pure awesomeness!

Thank God the weekend was good. Boring, but good. spent most of my time sitting outside, feeling dizzy from the heat. So, another week of sitting indoors and watching the awesome weather outside.

Episode 8953?


So, I got invited for a house viewing. I got 3rd place in an appartment, top 5 was invited. In the end, only the numbers 1 and 3 showed up. Was kind of a nice place. But, number 1 wanted it too. So, even though I got close, still no new home for me.

And I really want to get out of there. Some strange things are happening, stories change every day… I’ve had it. I want a place of my own and most of all: security. So, next week I’ll know if I get invited to view another appartment.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!