A good week! WoW-wise…

Tuesday: The Mechanar. Been there once, but wiped at the first boss. Second try, we cleared the place. Not without problems, but in the end it wasn’t all that hard. The item I wanted from that first boss didn’t drop 🙁 But I did get the first part for the Arcatraz Key.

Wednesday: The Botanica. On patch day. Never a smart idea. Instance was bugged. Bosses were a piece of cake, but the non-elite trash wiped us like crazy. We skipped two bosses, cause it was taking too long. But, cleared it in the end and got the second part of the Arcatraz Key. Here we come Arca!

Today: The Arcatraz. Nice group, went pretty well. Wipe at the entrance, really stupid. Wipe at the third boss…. and two of the group had to leave. Sucked! We found another healer though. And another DPS. So, on we went. One wipe after that, another DPS left. Konama lost focus, he said. But he was going to regret leaving! Last boss was a blast! One of the funniest bosses I’ve seen so far. But, more important, in the room before the last boss: The Third Key Fragment.  And the body of Seer Udalo. So, all pieces for Karazhan key completed and quest in the chain for Verdant Gloves completed.

Then to finish the chain for those gloves. Tough puppy, specially since it’s a 5-man quest and I could only find 1 person. Thanks Reîq! But, we did it! With only two! So, Verdant Gloves, here I come! Finally!

Next step is Black Morass, hopefully tomorrow. After that, I’m attuned for Karazhan!

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