Terrible weekend…

Suckiest weekend in a long time.

Woke up saterday morning with a migraine. Had to stay in bed till early in the afternoon. After that, spent all day on the couch, watching Naruto. Too much of a headache to play WoW, or even watch the screen. That pretty much sucked like hell. Wanted to do Black Morass, but when I finally felt good enough to play, at about 21:00, half the guild was already there. Seems to happen to me all the time. When I want to go somewhere, people are already there. And then they don’t want to go there for a couple of days. Great.

Sunday, Mechanar. Lousy run. Annoying group. Know-it-alls who didn’t know all that much. Wipes. And the 1 item I went for, didn’t drop. Nah, can’t say I have a lot of luck… ever. And I really really don’t like Mecha (or Bota for that matter), I really don’t want to go there again, but I need that drop, but I’m not interested in going futher then the first boss. No chance on that happening though, I’ll have to go all the way and it will probably take me months to get that drop. I’ll never be able to find a group to just help me.

Then, at 18:00 or something, I was asked to go to Shadow Labs. Didn’t feel like it, but went anyway. Did say I wouldn’t stay longer then 2 hours, since I was hungry. 3 hours later, we were still in there, at the third boss. Terrible group. Nothing worked. My tanking sucked, all the CC sucked, healing wasn’t enough… just everything sucked. And since I hadn’t eaten much all day, I wanted to leave. So I got bitched at for “leaving when at one wipe”. WTF? More like 10 wipes, we had been there for over 3 hours. I said I wouldn’t stay that long in the first place, so take someone else to start with if you don’t like that! For gods sake, I keep doing other people favors and I keep getting bitched at.

I’m seriously losing interest in playing WoW. I love WoW, but I’m starting to dislike the community. Maybe it’s just this server, but it’s just a pain. I want to play for my own fun, but that’s impossible without other people. And somehow other people manage to get help in their selfishness and I always end up helping others and not getting any help myself. It sucks. And I’m sick of it.

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