Kara, here I come!

Yeah, finally Karazhan attuned!

Took me 2 weeks to get Black Morass completed! PUG’s suck. Healers leaving after 1 wipe. Terrible. But, third run in 2 weeks, we finally managed to defend Medivh successfully. So I got to talk to him and got The Master’s Key! And, Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps dropped from Chrono Lord Deja. Butt-ugly, but they serve their purpose.

So, next… SV runs, to get exalted with Cenarion Expedition and get Earthwarden. And run The Mechanar a couple of times to get Thoriumweave Cloak from the first boss. I’d rather just farm that first boss for a bit till it drops, but no way I’l find a group for that. Same goes for Lieutenant Drake in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. He drops Iron Band of the Unbreakable. Again, first boss 🙁

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