Karazhan horror-story

Yesterday was going to be our first Karazhan guildrun. So, for my gear I finally got a group with me to run Old Hillsbrad for my ring. And it finally dropped! Got asked to tank SL a bit, smacked down Murmur for he first time. Then, I was asked to help out a group in The Black Morass. They had been wiping there and the tank left. Sure, we needed him in Kara, so he needed to get attuned. Well, was pretty easy. Then, our offhealer came on, he needed BM too. So… another BM run right after. Peachy. BM is so easy with a decent group. Total retard-check, and most PUG’s are retards, apparently. A good healer that doesn’t OOM on the second boss and decent DPS that actually DPS’es the second boss, and everything should be fine. Second run also got me a new cloak. Burnoose of Shifting Ages. Not as good as the Thoriumweave one, but much better then my previous one! So, all ready for Kara….

…but then I came back online after dinner. Group invite. Fighting in raid chat. 9 people, 10 needed, 8 people asking for a non-guildie, 1 GM refusing. GM leaves guild. She returns. Puts the whole thing to a vote, with stupid choices. Well, I picked choice no 1. Leave the guild. 15 minutes after I left, I heard the guild had been disbanded. Well, maybe for the best. Old GM is probably transferring to another realm. Bunch of old guildies formed a new guild with a new GM. Got asked to join, but I had already applied for Furr Balls.

We’ll see how things go.

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