Found a new place!

First a little history.

I’ve been living in student housing for years now. And I haven’t been studying for 1 year now. Friday the 5th of June I received a letter from the housing society asking me to prove I’m still a student. I obviously couldn’t. So, the Monday after, I called them. I explained my situation, that Ive been searching for years now, and I proposed we help each other. No can’t do. Impossible. Not gonna happen. “You will have to vacate your room before July 8th”. A month. They gave me a month to find a new place and move. While I had been searching for years. Panic!

Well, I obviously started looking for a new (temporary) place right away. Not too small, cause I’ve got a lot of stuff I don’t want to throw out just yet. Social housing wasn’t going to be an option, I’ve already spent 3 years searching. So, I started looking for a room somewhere else. Had a few viewings… One was just way smaller then advertised, the other was in a place where some guy was walking around who thought he needed to be a replacement father. A strict one. I’ll pass on that, thank you.

Then I found a room in Almere Buiten. At the edge of the city. 33 m2 including a “serre”, which I can’t find the English word for. A glass extension to the house. Sounded too good to be true.

Well, it wasn’t. It’s just as good as it sounds. Had a viewing there last Saturday. Since the room was still used by the current tenant, I couldn’t take pictures. Wouldn’t like it if some stranger took pictures of my stuff either. Anyway, I immediately took the room, of course. Already got an extension for my current place, I need to vacate it before the 21st of July… and I can move into the new room on the 16th!

Party @ Unet

Unet, the company I work at, turns 5 years old this year. Time to celebrate! Party was held at Aviodrome, a aviation museum near Lelystad Airport. Lots of old planes, something to see and do for everyone. Lots of beer. Loooooooots of sun. More beer. Even more sun. Barbeque. More sun. Coffee. Tiny bit of sun again.

The end result: a great party, a red face and neck and….

a Wii for every employee!

Mario Kart Wii

Bought this yesterday:

And I absolutely love it. Don’t like the Wii Wheel much, so I’m racing with Wiimote & Nunchuck at the moment. Also ordered this:

Will make racing even easier. And, it’s Wii-white! You can only get it from Japan though, so I hope it will go through customs without troubles, else it’ll be expensive.

Anyhow. It’s a great game. If you have a Wii and don’t have Mario Kart yet, try and get it. But if you already have it, wanna race me? 😉

My MK Wii friendcode is 4382-2704-5065, or so it tells me 😉